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The Unicorn, Hall of the Bulls


Mission Statement

The International Committee for the Preservation of Lascaux (ICPL) is dedicated to preserving the original, prehistoric paintings in the cave of Lascaux. The ICPL works to raise public awareness of the rapid deterioration of the cave and its irreplaceable art; to initiate public action in efforts to safeguard Lascaux for future generations and to actively engage professionals from all fields of conservation in the preservation of the cave and its paintings.

It is our belief that the art of Lascaux is a legacy belonging to all mankind. The cave’s discovery in 1940 redefined what was previously known about our creative development as human beings and our ability to construct image from abstract thought. This critical leap, and its resulting tangible evidence, is invaluable to understanding our global human heritage.


Board of Trustees

Laurence Léauté Beasley, Chair
Director, Art & Anthropological Journeys
Oakland, California, USA

Melody Di Piazza, Vice Chair
Poet and Writer
American Society of Interior Designers
New York, New York, USA

Bruce Beasley
Board of Directors
International Sculpture Center
Hamilton, New Jersey, USA


Ingo Ronkholz
Krefeld, GERMANY

Pippa Skotnes
Painter, Professor of Fine Arts
University of Cape Town

Joaquin Vaquero Turcios
Painter & Sculptor
Real Academia de Bellas Artes
Madrid, SPAIN




The Great Black Bull
Axial Gallery

Advisory Board


Donald Glaser, Physicist, Nobel Laureate
University of California at Berkeley, USA

Nicholas Toth, Co-Director Stone Age Institute
and Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Ann Morris, Sculptor
Lummi Island, Washington, USA


In Memoriam
F. Clark Howell, 1925 -2007
ICPL Advisory Board Founding Member
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
University of California at Berkeley, USA






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