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The International Committee for the Preservation of Lascaux was formed in 2005 by a group of concerned artists from around the world who admire and value the extraordinary, irreplaceable art work in the cave of Lascaux France. Alarmed by horrifying accounts of the state of the cave of Lascaux and its precious paintings, the ICPL’s first goal was to call world-wide attention to the deteriorating conditions inside the cave. We made great strides towards reaching that goal in May 2006 with the TIME cover story on Lascaux, “Heritage at Risk”, and other press stories which followed. Today we continue to work to generate even more international attention to the plight of Lascaux.


The ICPL has now grown to include members for many other walks of life including science, archeology, anthropology, literature and design. We view ourselves as “ambassadors” for the art and heritage of Lascaux. We feel it is our responsibility not only to champion the greatness of the art of Lascaux, but also to be engaged in its preservation while continuing to raise public awareness about its condition and ultimate health.


There is no monopoly on human cultural heritance and the creative achievements of our species. We are who we are today because of the strides and accomplishments of all who have come before us. The art of Lascaux, the art of our ancestors, belongs not to just one nation but to the entire world. To that end, we must call to task the caretakers of our heritage when they no longer safeguard that inheritance. It is the goal of ICPL to safeguard this ancient and beautiful work for generations to come.


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